The Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems (RS&GIS) Field of Study (FoS) at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has been established in 1990 to offer Master and Doctoral degree study on spatial information technology on Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS). This FoS was previously known as Space Technology Applications and Research (STAR) Program.

What is Remote Sensing and GIS? In response to rapid environmental changes, Remote Sensing and GIS become more and more important for human being to monitor and understand the earth’s inter-related systems. Data taken from Earth Observation Satellites (EOS) are widely used as a source of information, supplemented by airborne and ground-based measurements. To exploit these data in an applicable way useful to decision makers and planners, many different types of expertise, understanding of interaction of electromagnetic radiation with the earth’s atmosphere and surface, optimized methods of data analysis and visualization, and the insight needed to relate such data to geophysical processes are needed. GIS technology provides as an effective tool in the spatial data analysis

What’s the role of RS&GIS FoS?   The RS&GIS Fos takes part in developing the region as Technology Partner and Technology Developer by:

  • Provide Technologies as a tool to all of application fields on RS and GIS as a partner in AIT and Region

  • Establish Institute wide GIS/RS Laboratory, GIS Course for entire AIT, Course Development for other programs

  • Technology Assistance / Consultant through its research center

  • Training Activity through its training center

  • Develop Technologies which is applicable to the region
  • Bring up RS&GIS students as specialists who have capabilities in developing applicable technology
  • Promote Research and help develop applicable technology through its research work
  • What’s your interest?  If you are interested in being better in managing spatial data (develop tools and techniques) and spatial resources (applications) using the remote sensing and GIS technology and thinking of studying further, let join us to study at the RS&GIS FoS. However, future development of the RS&GIS FoS emphasis towards technological lines (tools and techniques).
  • What should be your background?  A variety of backgrounds in various environmental sciences as well as computer sciences and engineering are accepted. Previous experience in the subject is not required.
  • Where is RS&GIS FoS located?  The RS&GIS FoS is located on the south western side of central Academic Building. To view the location map, please click here