Project Description :

Those works ” Maintenance and Modification for Ontology-Based Data Retrival Support System” and “Preparation of Urban Unfrasrtucture Data and Data interpolation Service Development” are for Development of GIS Dataset in Asian Region. GIS Dataset is collected in Bankgok, Yangon, etc. Some of GIS Dta are point-based data, so data interpolation service is also developed by using serveral methods such as linear interpolation, polynomial suppliment , IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) and Kriging. Also Ontology is required for GIS data managemaent and keyword control. On tology management tools are developed to handling RDF/SKOS data as web service. This is Educational project, which means that the project will conduct with facultties and students together in academic fields

Donor : The University of Tokyo

PI: Dr. Masahiko Nagai and Dr. Apichon Witayangkurn