AT76.9026 Introduction to Spatial Information Engineering 1(1-0)

Semester: August
Course Objective: The course aims at providing basic introduction and concept of spatial
information engineering to students with an insight into both academic knowledge and practical
skills at the entry level, and further aims at providing students for more in-depth and advanced
technologies, researches, and new treads.
Learning Outcomes: Students completing the requirements of the course should be able to
1. Understand basic concept of spatial information engineering such as monitoring and
observation method, data analysis and handling, data interoperability.
2. Understand how to process and analyze spatial data, how to utilize it, and how to
combine it with the spatial designs and rules of society.
3. Understand how to take a broad look at the overall situation, and how pinpoint what
needs to be done with spatial information engineering.
4. Understand how to help to improve society by using spatial information.

Pre-requistite: None


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