AT76.10 Advanced Remote Sensing 3 (2-3)

Semester: January
Rationale: This course aims at providing students with advanced Remote Sensing analytical
techniques required in various applications; how to extract high-level information from RS data.
The techniques taught covers coupling of model parameters and remote sensing data for several
applications including the most recent data assimilation techniques, atmospheric correction,
Multi-temporal/Multi-Resolution data analysis, OGC Web Services such as Web Map Service,
Web Feature Service, and Field Sensor Network. This lecture covers Synthetic Aperture Radar
technique as well.
Catalog Description: Atmospheric Correction, Moderate to Low Resolution RS, Vegetation
Change and Crop Modeling, Sediment and Water Discharge Analysis, Field Sensor Network,
Multi-Temporal – Multi-Resolution data Analysis, Synthetic Aperture Radar System, OGC Web
Prerequisite: AT76.03 (Remote Sensing)