Students Guideline:

Final grad of special study
1. Registering in JAN, must present and deliver the final grade by end of AUG semester.
2. Registering in Intersem, must present and deliver the final grade by end of JAN Semester.
3. Registering in AUG, must present and deliver the final grade by end of JAN Semester.
Committee members:
1 and 2 credits – Program committee should have at least 2
3 and more credits -Program committee should have at least 3.

Research Guideline Download >> 

RS&GIS Guideline for Student Research/ Thesis / Dissertation

Research / Thesis / Dissertation Organizing: Regulations and Practice

  1. Fixing Schedule

Students are instructed to meet the advisor regularly and consult about the defense schedule. Once the schedule has been fixed, students are requested to submit the report to all committee members.

  1. Report Submitting
    • Proposal defense report (hard/soft copy): Must be submitted to all committees at least 3 working days prior to defense.
    • Progress defense report (hard/soft copy): Must be submitted to all committees at least 5 working days prior to defense.
    • Final defense report (hard/soft copy)
  • Must be submitted to all committees at least 7 working days prior to defense.
  • Must be submitted to RS&GIS staff for format checking at least 5 working days prior to last day of clearance. Students do not have wait for completing final defense for completing this process. It is student’s responsibility to prepare reports which comply with AIT style guide. (Sample thesis are available at

The schedule will be automatic cancelled if the report could not be submitted by the deadline.

Students are advised to check spelling through Microsoft or free online resources such as and

  1. Venue Booking

Once the schedule has been fixed and confirmed, students are instructed to forward the confirmed communication to  Once the email confirmation has been received, the announcement and invitation will be sent out. The exam venue will be automatic booked and the official form will be prepared. The following details should be included in the request mail.

  • Research/ Thesis topic
  • Confirmed schedule (Study area, Date and Time)
  • Committee members

Students are instructed to ensure that the Exam Venue and the it’s instruments are working properly and ready for the presentation. (Instructions for Tele Conference via Zoom Meeting are available at LINK)

  1. Gentle Reminder

Students are instructed to forward the email invitation to all committee members as a gentle reminder one day ahead before the exam. Students must check inclusion of information on topic, date, time and venue in the email.

  1. On Presentation Day
  • Students must check projector and compatibility with their laptop/ computer prior to scheduled presentation time.
  • A hard copy of presentation should be printed for each committee member.


Research Budget (Advance and Settlement): Regulations and Practice

  1. Eligible Items
    • Transportation expenses
    • Field work assistant. Number of field assistant must correspond to the research plan and range of field, should be approved from committee.
    • Accommodation
    • Photocopies/ Map /Stationary equipment
    • Lab Equipment /Technical Test/ Service (The comparison prices from at least 3 distributors are required)
    • Training/Workshop Fees (Must relate to research study and be approved by Advisor)
    • Rental Fee Cloud Services
    • Courses Online (Must be relevant to research topic and request must be made through RSL manager)
    • Book, e-Book, English checking (Must be relevant to research topic and request must be made through RSL manager, for maximum of THB 3000)
  1. Eligible with Return Conditions

The following list of Equipment are under Eligible with return condition. Before purchasing, student needs to consult and get approval from Advisor, otherwise, it will be considered as an ineligible item.  After purchasing, student is expected to return to RSGIS-AIT within one week (atleast) after the final exam.

 Development Board/ Sensor

  • Data Purchase/ Satellite image purchase (Only from agencies and companies)
  • Electronic equipment Cost > 2,000 THB
  • Computer Server
  • Network equipment
  • Camera/Lens
  • External Hard Disk
  • Other: Any other special items must be requested in advance and on approval of the advisor, by submitting a memo.

All expenses must be related to the research topic (objectives) and study area and must be approved by the advisor. All receipts of those eligible items must be in English language or have English translation. Study area and date of issue must be within the duration of data collection period and not before the date of proposal exam. All expense is maximum limit with AIT P&P. Any other items than these must be proposed with memo and supporting documents which should be approved by Advisor and DPCC in advance.

  1. NOT Eligible Items
    • Personal Computer/Laptop/ Monitor
    • Upgraded and Repairing Computer/Laptop/Monitor, Graphic
    • Personal Storage e.g., Flash drive
    • ANY Personal usage equipment
    • External consultation fees/ service (personal)
    • Stationeries
  1. Process of Advance

Students are instructed to submit the budget request form (could be download from RSGIS website) along with a supporting document within one week, after the completion of the proposal defense. The document should contain a brief abstract, brief methodology, activities schedule plan, approved budget, a copy of bank book (SCB only). Guideline to prepare budget is attached in Appendix A.

  1. Process of Settlement

To settle the expenditure, the final list of items with breakdown (same in Appendix A can be used) with the ORIGINAL receipts of those approved eligible items must be submitted (No receipt-No approval).  The receipts must:

  • Address to “Asian Institute of Technology, AIT and student’s name”
  • Provide clearly details of goods (in English or with English Translation)
  • Provide clearly total cost of goods (in English or with English Translation)
  • Provide name of seller/ cashier
  • For all kind of transportation, a stub of tickets are required.
  • For field work assistant, the details of assigned work must be provided
  • For Lab Equipment, quotations must be provided

Only ACTUAL cost of the expenses would be settled.

To settle field visit expenditures, a field visit report must be submitted along with the other receipts. This report should contain details about the field visit conducted such as number of samples, number of days, activities performed by each of the field assistants and field photographs of each day activity. A sample field visit report can be found at end of this guideline (Appendix B).

Students are instructed to settle their research expenditures along with the approved summary of expenditure to program secretary not less than 3 weeks before the final exam or as soon as the progress exam is completed. The diagram of budget request and settlement is as below:


Students are allowed to borrow the equipment available in RSGISto conduct their research with acceptance to the following conditions:

  • The borrower agree that any damages cause under possession of the borrower shall be bear by the borrower.
  • The borrower should make every effort to ensure equipment is kept secure and free from damage. The borrower must not put themselves or the equipment in a place where there is a risk of damage or loss.
  • The extension of the damage shall be calculated at the current price of equipment.
  • The borrower must fully follow the instruction of usage stated in the manual.
  • The borrower fully understands that all AIT equipment will not be used or served for any other purpose of any personal interests or in conversion with Thai laws and international laws.
  • When found that the misuse, any harmful practice, the borrower will be charged with full responsibility.
  • Late returns may incur a charge.

Equipment Borrowing Procedure:

  1. Print Equipment Borrowing Application Form from RSGIS website and fill up information
    1. Equipment list
    2. Purpose/ Usage / Location
    3. Date/Period of borrowing
  2. Authorize the request by (Advisor/Coordinator)
  3. Submit to Approval by RSL Manager


Appendix A: Guideline to estimate your research budget

Thesis/ research title:


Study Area:      Location:

                        Area (km2):

                        Sample size (for primary data collection):

 Table A.1: Budget Summary

Item Item details In THB
Transportation expenses1 Air
Bus/Local Trans/Taxi/Boat
Accomodation2 Hotel/ guest house/ hostel
Field/ research Assistants3 Level (1.21/ 2.15/ 3.13)
Lab Equipment /Technical Test/ Service4
Training/Workshop Fees3
Courses Online5
Others (please specify)


123 Please follow TRF guideline to estimate this cost in next page. Please provide break down of these expenses similar to table A.2.

3 Research budget is provided to students to hire assistants for field work only, not for data analysis/ coding/ writing reports.

4 The comparison prices from at least 3 distributors are required

5 Request must be made through RSL manager, for maximum of THB 3000

Table A.3: Budget Breakdown

Item Description of Items Number of flights Airfare (THB) Total cost (THB) Justification
International Flights e.g. 1 return flight for student travel from Thailand to India e.g. 1 roundtrip or 2 individual e.g. visit for questionnaire survey with policy makers
Item Description of Items Quantity Cost per unit (THB) Total cost (THB) Justification
In country travel e.g. fuel for car for 10 days at 4 THB/Km e.g. 10 e.g. 4 e.g. 40 e.g. field assistants to travel to study area .. to suvey water quality
Item Description of Items Number of nights Daily rate (THB) Total cost (THB) Justification
Accommodation e.g. accommodation for student in guest house for 10 days e.g. 10 e.g. 1000 e.g. 10000 e.g. student trip to Udon Thani for ground truth data collection
Field assistants
Item Description of Items Quantity Rate (THB) Total cost (THB) Justification
Field/ survey assistant wages e.g. one research assistant holding Bachelor degree (Level 2.15) for 5 days e.g. 5 e.g. 600 e.g. 3000 e.g. RA will assist to collect spectrometer data from 200 samples in 5 days

For all Items, tariffs must be followed from Table A.3

Table A.3:  Maximum allowed rates for items 1 2 3

Item Type Rate What to submit?
Transportation Bus/Local Trans/Taxi/Boat < 600 THB/Trip Actual Receipt
Self (Private Car) 4 THB/Km Photo of Mileage
Self (Private Motorcycle) 2 THB/Km Photo of Mileage
Flight Ticket (Economic Class Only) * Actual Receipt, boarding passes
Item Type Rate What to submit?
Accommodation** No VAT (Hotel/ guest house/ hostel) 800 THB/Day Receipt
With official Tax (in Thailand) Less 1500 THB/Day Official original receipt
With official Tax (Outside Thailand) Less 3100 THB /Day Official original receipt
Item Qualification Rate What to submit?
Research Assistant Less than Bachelor Degree Level 1.21 500 THB/Day
Holding Bachelor Degree Level 2.15 650 THB/Day Qualification proof
Holding Master Degree Level 3.13 735 THB/Day Qualification proof

Tariffs according to Ministry of Finance, Thailand

* Seat selection price is not allowed

** If study area is in home city/ town, accommodation charges are not allowed

Appendix B: Guideline to prepare field visit summary report

Research Topic: Title of your research topic

Introduction: Briefly summarize the field trip with information of when (mention start and end date, number of days) and where the field trip was conducted.

Objectives of field visit: Specify why the field trip was conducted, what was the aim?

Study Area:      Location:


Total number of Samples: e.g. 500

Duration of Field Trip: 10 days

Parameters considered: e.g. Reflectance (spectrometer), Tree height

Activities performed: e.g. Collection of reflectance

Details of surveyors (including student): Student namea, field assistant nameb

Table B.1: Summary of Activities


Day Location Number of Samples Activities performed Observations/ Remark Surveyors
e.g. Day 1 (14/05/2020) e.g. Klong Nueng (or lat long) 40 e.g. Spectrometer readings, tree height measurement of 40 trees

e.g. questionnaire survey with 100 respondants

e.g. trees more than 5 m height could not be measured a collected spectrometer reading, b measured tree heights.

Note: Summary activities of each day for all days. For example, if data were collected for 10 days, 10 days activities should be summarized.

Sample Field photos

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Form Downloads


Your Computer have to login in AIT network

> Start RUN >> \\anywhere (enter)

Photocopy/Print (A4) Black and White : 0.5 THB/page/side

Photocopy/Print (A4) Color : 5 THB/page/side

Scan and Sent to email: Free

Master Student (4 Semester) : 1000 THB/(4 semesters)

Doctoral Student (6 Semester) : 1500 THB/(6 semesters)

Top up for Photocopy/Print  : Pay to AIT Cashier  to RSGIS Account: >>> 10 7 003 105 07001 307 9999

>> And Submit to RSGIS Secretary  <<

Laboratory Informations

RSGIS Lab Rules

RSL provides computing and network resources only for purposes directly in relation with its mission, i.e. academic and research activities.

  • Users are not permitted to use computing and network resources for illegal or unlawful activities.
  • Users are not permitted to use computing and network resources for commercial activities.
  • Users must not access computing and network resources without proper authentication procedure or intentionally enable other to do so.
  • A user account must be used by its owner only. Users are forbidden to communicate their password or otherwise give access to their account or any computing or network resource to third parties.
  • Any anomaly discovered in the authentication procedure must be reported to the Lab Supervisor, so that steps can be taken to investigate it and eventually correct it.
  • Users must not make any attempt to modify or remove computing/network equipment, software or peripherals they do not own without proper authorization.

Users must not:

  • Develop, use or disseminate malicious programs, computer viruses and worms,
  • Disrupt the activities of other computers or users,
  • Access private data or restricted portions of the computing or networking system,
  • Damage the software or hardware components of the system.

The computing and network resources are shared by all users and are of finite capacity. Users must therefore avoid capacity and performance degrading usage of the system. Such usage includes:

  • sending of chain-letters or excessive messages, either locally or off-campus,
  • using network protocols using an excessive amount of bandwidth
  • running grossly inefficient programs when efficient alternatives are known by the user to be available,
  • unauthorized modification of system facilities, operating systems, or disk partitions;
  • attempting to crash or tie up computing and networking resources,
  • damaging or vandalizing computmg and network facilities, equipment, software or computer data.
  • Users are allowed to use the computing and network resources only for work purposes. Users should not engage in inappropriate or idle use of the resources nor block their access to other users.
  • Users are forbidden to use other accounts than their own.
  • Users are forbidden to access files, emails or any form of data not belonging to them.
  • Users are forbidden to create and transmit email containing offensive, obscene, indecent, aggressive, menacing, harassing, defamatory, intimidating, unlawful, racist and other unethical messages.
  • Users are forbidden to send email that does not correctly identify the sender, attempt to hide or disguise the identity of the sender or attempt to hide or disguise the identity of the computer from which it was sent.
  • Users are forbidden to flood the mailbox of other users with numerous or large messages with the intention to paralyze their mail system.
  • Users are forbidden to use the email facilities of the Institute for commercial activity.
  • Do not send any private or commercial announcement to any mailing list.
  • The unofficial mailing lists must only be used to facilitate communications between AIT community members. Every unofficial mailing list must be moderated and no cross posting between them is possible.
  • All faculty, staff, students are believed to be a member of their respective mailing lists (starfaculty, starstaff, starstudents) and it is assumed that the announcements made on the lists is heard by all.

Computer client management software in DIP Lab was installed with on administrator authorized. All the users can be install and testing in any application are possible by without damage physical hardware computer. But the roll back software will be clean and refresh to initial state every time to be restart or shutdown machine. The issues that clients have to concern by do not save any processing/homework file on C: drive. Otherwise we are not support to restore data/file and it is not possible on this system.

  • No specific computer for the users and users are requested not to put their belongings on the tables for occupying the computers while they are not around.
  • Incase Users are requested to install any kind of software permanent on the machine have to asking the permission of lab supervisor and sign the form.
  • All disks will be cleaned after the semester/term.

The data stored on the permanent disk (D and/or E) are possible to save user file. But it not safe and can be lost by accidentally/promptly/or delete by other users. RSL takes no responsibility for securing the data in local drives; Users can store their data on local drives at their own risks.

Computer client management software in GIS Lab was installed with on administrator authorized. All the users can be install and testing in any application are possible by without damage physical hardware computer. But the roll back software will be clean and refresh to initial state every time to be restart or shutdown machine. The issues that clients have to concern by do not save any processing/homework file on C: drive. Otherwise we are not support to restore data/file and it is not possible on this system.

  • As the lab is access by all (Institute wide) it is planned to use a proxy server for GIS lab to minimize the abuse of Internet from that lab.
  • The data stored on the permanent disk (D and/or E) is not safe and can be lost. RSL takes no responsibility for securing the data in local drives. Users can store their data on local drives at their own risks.
  • All disks will be cleaned after the semester/term.

Booking of Labs
Users will use the lab booking forms that is available on RSGIS Administrative office. The signature of respective Program Coordinator is required for booking of the forms.
For official courses to be held on GIS lab, the User (Non-RS&GIS faculty member) will take permission from RSL through RS&GIS.

  • RSL will charge maintenance fees according to its policy.
  • Baht 50,000 (per course/per semester)
  • All assistance will be provided to the respective course within our reach.

Access to the STAR Labs
Outsiders are strictly prohibited to use STAR labs.

Users will complete the borrowing form while borrowing some items. Forms can be downloaded from RS&GIS website. The borrowers are advised to book equipment well ahead of the time it is required, by using an Equipment Borrowing Application form.

Official use always takes priority over personal use, therefore a personal booking may be cancelled at short notice by RSL, or the borrower may be asked to return an item early if it is required for official purposes.

For students and project staff, it is required to get the written permission from their advisors.
If the equipment is to be taken overseas, this must be indicated when the booking is being made. RSL will issue an official letter on STAR letterhead paper stating that the member is borrowing the equipment.

Following are the sub domains currently are under RSL domain.
rsl – domain controller: hpserv
Domain admins have the right to configure the policies of their domain. Users or local admins are not allowed to create their own work groups.
IP Addresses
RSL allocates dynamic IPs to its clients. For specific cases fix IPs can also be assigned.
Lab supervisor maintains the list of all IPs in the domain. The list cannot be published on this document for security reasons. Contact RSGIS lab supervisor for more details.

Fingerprint Access Laboratory
Fingerprint access is provided to all authenticated users of the DIP lab. This access control is used for entrance to the lab, and is valid until the completion of users’ academic program.

Maintenance Record
Maintenance record will be prepared and kept up-to-dated on monthly basis, for all the items that RSL will send for repair/maintenance/fixing. If RSL will pay for any item that is over warranty, the copy of the pay receipt will be kept in records as well.

Printing System
Ricoh Photo Copy and Printing Station support for all RSGIS students use their own quota for printing according to their copies printed. The data will be stored on print manager. Printing cost as following:

  • Photocopy/Printing [A4] Black/White = 1 Point
  • Photocopy/Printing [A4] Color = 10 Point
  • Photocopy/Printing [A3] Black/White = 15 Point
  • Photocopy/Printing [A3] Color = 20 Point
  • Scan = Free (Send to AIT student email directly)

Extra top up printing quota charged 100 TH Baht per 200 point from FoS, Payment should be made through cashier in the finance of the account number: (10-7-003-105-07001-306-9999) and copy of receipt should be submitted to secretary.

Semester tasks

  • • Cleaning up of D: and E: drive from DIP and GIS lab.
  • • Cleaning up of public folder in ibmserv

If necessary, the disks in DIP lab can also be cleaned.

All software used on any computer must be properly licensed. Users must not infringe on any intellectual property right while using the RSL’s computing and network resources.
Software will be stored for local use in hpserv and Jupiter.List will be prepared containing all software and info about its licenses.

Temporary Folder
\\ibmserv\public\ is a temporary folder and data is not secured on it. Users can save their files on this folder at their own risk.

  • Data will be deleted from ibmserv every semester, with or without any prior notice.
  • Course: One ID will be issued for all the students (id=course no.), and no extra space on server will be provided for storing the data.
  • Project: Group IDs will be issued and some space will also be assigned to store data on server (according to disk quota policy). The stored data will be deleted after the ending of the course.
RSGIS provided HPC for students research and study as following information:

Online Book for HPC-LAB: >>

License Informations

RSGIS provided Hexagon ERDAS Imagery as following:

  • ERDAS 2015-2017 version License >> License Call 16.0 ; If some student still want to use it; DO NOT UPGRADE License because it cant not downgrade (By default)
  • ERDAS 2018 version>> License Call: 16.5x ; If you want to use: Have to Upgrade!

Activation Key link:

Installation Guide: ERDAS_IMAGINE_Installation_Guide

License Activation Guide : installtionERDAS2018_license

RSGIS Request License:

RSGIS provided ESRI ARCGIS and ARCPRO licenses as following:

ARCGIS Installation  Manual:  >>>Installation ARCMAP <<<

ARCPRO Installation Manual:  >>> Installation ARCPRO <<<

Installation requirement:  >>> System Requirement <<<

ARCGIS 10.8.1 >> Download <<

ARCPRO 2.6 >> Download <<

ARCPRO 2.6 Patch 2.6.1 >> Download <<


 Normally, we provided the license to students with this policy
1.  RSGIS students only.
2.  Non-RSGIS students who official register in GIS class (AT76.01)
3.  Non-RSGIS students who has RSGIS faculties as the committees.

Research Budget Spending Condition

Receipt Form have to attachment with ID card with signature and form.

Download >> Receipt

Information Download / IT/Helpdesk



As earlier announced, to enhance security and abuse prevention, we implement a single use of user authentication for Internet access, starting from 17 May 2010. The purpose of this is, a single user account cannot simultaneously be used by several computers to access Internet. If you need additional user accounts for more computers, you can create a maximum of 5 active guest accounts, each of them with validity of up to 12 hours, from the following interface and login using your AIT email account. Faculty & staff can request Helpdesk to be allowed to create guest accounts with longer validity (up to 6 months) by emailing his/her request to Helpdesk specifying the reason of the request.

Therefore, please logout every time you finish accessing Internet from a computer. If you do not logout, but then want to use another computer to access Internet using the same account, you have to first logout using any computer from

How To Create AIT Guest Account:

1: Login

2: Enter Your AIT email ID and Password. Once you logged in, you will be able to see below screen.

3: New User Creation:

4: Once you select New User option, it will ask you to fill required details.

Once you provide all details, click on create to complete the process.

Link: >>

Laboratory Equipment


OUTSIDE AIT, please connect AIT-VPN before access this link

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