Asia-Pacific Summer School 2020

Asia-Pacific Summer School 2020
Asia-Pacific Summer School 2020 2020-01-22T13:48:57+00:00

Asia-Pacific Summer School 2020

Geoinformatics for Sustainable Development

Date : 10 August – 21 August 2020

Location: Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

General Information

Recognizing the important role of geoinformatics to sustainable development as well as the importance of international education, Chubu University (Japan) and Asian Institute of Technology have been organizing the summer school in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 successfully. Participants will attend lectures related to sustainable development in Asia, Geoinformatics (GIS, RS and etc) and its contribution to sustainable development, in order to deepen the awareness on status and issues in Asia where a rapid development is taking place, as well as on the usefulness of GIS as a tool. Participants are expected to realize rapid development and issues in Asia through site visits as well. The lectures will be conducted in English, thus students will understand the importance of English for absorbing and sharing knowledge in international environment. One of the important purposes is to foster the leadership while keeping the harmony in a group that consists of international members. Participants from other countries including AIT students will be invited. This summer school is organized in real multi-national environment.

 Program leaders

Prof. Kiyoshi Honda, Chubu University

Dr. Sarawut Ninsawat, Asian Institute of Technology

Dr. Shinya Yasumoto, Chubu University


 The lectures may cover the following topics/applications of remote sensing and geospatial technologies for sustainable agriculture:
  • Ubiquitous Geoinformatics
  • Interoperable Geoinformatics & Location Base Service
  • GNSS Technology for Precised Location
  • Agriculture GIS
  • Big Data for Society
  • Health GIS
  • Smart cities
  • UAV flight operation and data processing

Hand ons

 The practical exercise/demostration includes:
  • Geospatial Analysis Using FOSS
  • Interoperable Geoinformatics & Location Base Service
  • Crowdsourcing for Geospatial data (OSM)
  • GNSS Technology for precise data collection
  • UAV flight operation and data processing

Site visit/Field trip program

 The practical exercise/demostration includes:
  • PASCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA)
  • Smart farm and Sustainable development field site

Important Dates

 Registration Deadline: 31 May 2020

Announcement of Summer School Participants: 30 June 2020
Summer School start : 10 August – 21 August 2020


 The number of participants will be restricted to 30, with selection based generally on the date of registration.

The registration fee is 1,400 USD for full program. The fee includes accommodation in shared room, meals, learning materials, social events and the technical tour (all costs covered unless otherwise indicated).

*For foreign applicants: To ensure your participation in the summer school, we need a letter from your superior of your university/organization/company stating that your travel/registration costs will be covered.

Scholarships Limited partial fellowship support is only available for the undergraduate student

Registration Instructions:

To register, please fill up online application form and attach necessary supporting documents, to email before June, 2020.


Remote Sensing and GIS – Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Chubu University, Japan

Contact Information

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following:

Remote Sensing and GIS, School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Tel: +6625-24-5577, E-mail:


Online Application

Previous field visit and activities

Feed Back: Students experience in Summer School 2014

Jessica Nakagawa(Undergraduate Student 2, Comparative Culture) I learned that mapping nowadays become very easy because of these mapping (Ubiquitous GIS/Mobile GIS) and we can look for the place, the time you take to get there. In addition if we want to go in anywhere we can know because of this mapping that was created of Web services.

Mrunalini Badnakhe (Ph.D. Student 1, ICTs in Spatio-temporal issues in natural resources informatics) The topic is new and ice breaking for me as I am working in Agro-informatics lab. The importance of image processing application in agriculture added much more values to my knowledge. As per this lecture I found the new ideas for the step for future research.

  • Chhaing Hong (Undergraduate student 2, General Study)

The global concerning, global climate change! Sound incredible but it has been occurring! This lecture was focused on this and water resources management. I gained more knowledge about the climate change and some negative and positive of this. One more about the water resources management, how to get and use properly the water in many types. This topic was interesting to me.

  • Mari Takazawa (Master Student 1,Bioscience and Biotechnology)My major is analytical chemistry in environment. So I had thought my study is far from human health. But today’s lectures changed me. The air and water contamination have related for human health I think. So I was surprised that is relating animal, culture and distance.

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