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The Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems field of study has evolved into its present form by incorporating rapid advancement in technology and its application. Starting from a research program it has become a recognized education, training and research program satisfying the need of the region for state-of-the-art technology. Students are exposed on advance concepts of Remote Sensing, GIS, Synthetics Aperture Radar, Mobile Mapping, GNSS, Advanced Mapping technologies, Web Map Services, Sensor Networks, Geospatial Big data processing.

Keywords: Remote Sensing ,Geographic Information Systems, Web Map application ,Satellite Image Processing, Digital image processing Photogrammetry, Global Navigation Satellites System, UAV survey and mapping, Sensor Network, Geospatial Database, Mobile Mapping and Lidar application, Big Data and parallels processing, Aerospace Technology, Health GIS

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Graduate Degree Programs

The curriculums well covers the theoretical aspects and application of space technology, especially in Remote Sensing and GIS. Major areas covered in the coursework are fundamentals of remote sensing and GIS, earth energy interaction, application potential in various disciplines, GIS data sources, map projection, geostatistics, spatial modeling, automated mapping, digital terrain model, GPS data acquisition, and integration of GIS, high dimensional data analysis and classification algorithms,feature selection and feature extraction algorithms, target detection and anomaly detection algorithms.

Research Areas

  • Remote Sensing and GIS

  • GNSS Technology

  • Geospatial Data and Analysis

  • Digital Photogrametry

  • WebGIS and Location Bases Services

  • Big Data and Deep Learning


Degree Offered