RSGIS Faculty

Nitin Kumar Tripathi
Professor (India)
Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India Specialized:Geoinformatics,Wireless GIS Systems, GIS Applications for Health Care and Agriculture
Sarawut Ninsawat
Associate Professor (Thailand)
Doctor of Creative Cities, Osaka City University, Japan Specialized: WebGIS,OGC Web Services and Specifications, SensorWeb
Salvatore G.P. Virdis
Associate Professor (Italy)
Ph.D., University of Siena, Italy Specialized: Applied Geological Sciences and Remote Sensing,Remote/Proximal Sensing Techniques and Advanced, Geospatial Modeling
Chitrini Mozumder
Research Specialist/Affiliated Faculty (India)
D.Eng., Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Specialized: Remote Sensing and GIS, Land Use Change Analysis & Modeling, Spatial Analysis and Decision Support, Interdisciplinary Analysis of...
Sanit Arunplod
Remote Sensing and GIS Lab Manager | Affiliated Faculty (Thailand)
Ph.D., Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Specialized: Global Navigation Satellites System,Space Weather Activities, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Surveying and Mapping with 3D Modeling
Masahiko Nagai
Visiting Professor
D.Eng. University of Tokyo Specialized: Data Science for huge amount of spatial and geographic data taken by space infrastructure such as earth observation satellite, positioning
Dr.Surat Lertlum
Affiliated Faculty
Ph.D., Asian Institute of Technology Specialized: Remote Sensing, Archeological and Cultural Heritage Management